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The list title can be changed in place by clicking on it.


The iOS app behaves in a standard way i.e. you can delete entries by swiping to the left followed by a confirmation. In "Edit" mode it is also possible to reorder the entries by dragging.


  • Change list title


It is possible to sync todo lists between multiple devices, xxx

  • Secure => encrypted AES xxx
  • Accountable => blockchain
  • Multiple

Import from Wunderlist

Your todos from Wunderlist can be used within Zutun.

Please visit the Account Settings in Wunderlist web interface and select Create Backup:

4) Account - Wunderlist 2018-03-30 20-33-2 Account - Wunderlist 2018-03-30 20-33-22.png)

Follow the instructions and save the resulting json file locally. Now you can go to Zutun and import it from main menu File > Import from Wunderlist.